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Board Roles


  • Manages the board

  • Responsible for internal communication/organization

  • Signer in the bank account

  • Run lunch meetings

  • The president and the board has the final decision

  • Manages/approves emails and facebook posts 

  • Committee Co-Chair for “Marketing/Public Relation”


 Vice President / Membership Outreach 

  • Recruitment material - handouts, brochures, postcards

  • Run lunch meetings when the president is absent

  • Signer in the bank account

  • Moves to President in the following year

  • Works with Event planner/Marketing person on membership

  • Committee Co-Chair for “Marketing/Public Relation”


 Event Planner

  • Ensure events are scheduled with a guest speaker for every month lunch with appropriate topic

  • Run meetings in the absence of the president and vice president

  • Coordinate events to promote the group. Ex: Women’s expo.

  • Coordinate and facilitate Member Spotlight/monthly social

  • Works hand in hand with VP for membership outreach

  • Committee Chair for “Events”



  • Prepare financial statement for every board meeting

  • Check bank statement and Paypal

  • Make deposits and Paypal transfers

  • Signer at the bank account 

  • Check PO Box

  • Keep tax filing status up to date

  • Send membership invoices

  • Membership payments & Coordinate with Secretary new member list for facebook group & email list

  • Committee Chair for “Fundraising”



  • Take notes every business meeting and board meeting

  • Email meeting notes to the board within 3 days 

  • Sign in people at meetings and events

  • Keep track of members list to update facebook members group and excel spreadsheet of membership list

  • Committee Chair for “Charity & Community Outreach” (research various organizations/events for group to support, bring to the board)

Public Relations 

  • Facebook post for events and announcements (public and members only pages)

  • Direct mail and press releases

  • Facilitate mailchimp email communications with members and potential members 

  • Website updates - announcements, events, monthly meeting reminders 

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