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Membership Information


WBOPB Membership is open to women who currently own, co-own, or are in the start-up phase of their own business.​ Your membership will be recorded in the name of the individual, not the organization. All members will be required to pay dues in accordance with their date of official membership. Dues are non-refundable and are not deductible as a charitable contribution for Federal Income Tax purposes. Members will be expected to uphold the strong reputation of the organization by creating, doing, working, and positively affecting the community as business owners. Membership dues are $50 annually. These are due for the calendar year and are not prorated based on when you join during the year. Anyone wishing to attend our events may, even if you are not eligible to be a "member". Cost for non-members to attend events is $5 per event, excluding annual event.

Local Bakery

Elizabeth Corley, Southern Link Marketing

What I absolutely love about WBOPB, is the opportunity to work with like-minded women who are striving to increase their business and do great things in our community together. 


Christy Amay, Amay Jewelry Designs & Repair

We were able to open our store with a ton of support from this group. I don't think we would have been as successful as we were with our grand opening without the WBOPB!


Marye Runnels, South Mouth Deli

I feel like I have made life-long friends. Not only do I enjoy our time together, I have gained a lot of knowledge and support from this group!

Casual Meeting


You will gain access to a community network of fellow business owners/entrepreneurs both in person and online. You will be listed as a member online. There are opportunities to attend monthly meetings and events while learning how to succeed and advance your business, as well as, opportunities to host or co-host a monthly meeting or event, coordinating the event location, details, and program. Members have free admission to the annual event and the eligibility to nominate and be nominated for one of the WBOPB annual awards. You may have first preference for contract services for WBOPB (tshirts, printing, catering, etc). You also gain eligibility to serve as a WBOPB board member and/or committee member. Other benefits to be determined.

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