Membership Information


  • Membership is open to women who currently own, co-own, or are in the start-up phase of their own business.​

  • Membership is recorded in the name of the individual, not the organization. 

  • All members will be required to pay dues in accordance with their date of official membership. Dues are non-refundable and are not deductible as a charitable contribution for Federal Income Tax purposes.

  • Members will be expected to uphold the strong reputation of the organization by creating, doing, working, and positively affecting the community as business owners.

  • Membership dues are $50 annually. These are due for the calendar year and are not prorated based on when you join during the year.

  • Anyone wishing to attend our events may, even if you are not eligible to be a "member". Cost for non-members to attend events is $5 per event, excluding annual event.


  • Access to a community network of fellow business owners/entrepreneurs both in person and online.

  • Listed as a member online.

  • Opportunities to attend monthly meetings and events while learning how to succeed and advance your business.

  • Opportunities to host or co-host a monthly meeting or event, coordinating the event location, details, and program.

  • Free admission to the annual event.

  • Eligibility to nominate and be nominated for one of the WBOPB annual awards. 

  • First preference for contract services for WBOPB (tshirts, printing, catering, etc). 

  • Eligibility to serve as a WBOPB board member and/or committee member.

  • Other benefits to be determined. 


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